Self care isn’t just drinking water and going to sleep early.

Self care is taking a break when things become overwhelming, saying no to things you do not want to do, allowing yourselg to cry, asking for help from those around you, doing things that make you happy.
And learning how to do this evolves and waxes and wanes over time with the ever-changing nature of life.
In my experience, this is not some thing we dial-in and just have nailed at any point because life is so all over the place all the time… Rather it is a flexible, alive practice of decision-making situation to situation ad infinitum.
Interestingly, when we let go of thinking we have to get “self care” perfect or locked in to look one specific way that works every time, we are free to really choose what’s right for us moment to moment, day to day, situation to situation.
Lean into this practice, my friends.
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