O…..M…………G. My Audible book is LIVE.

How to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver. 
I am shuttling between totally freakin out and full shock. A year and a half in the making, this beast. Over 11 years if you count from when I wrote my very first column for Blue Skies Magazine.
Final time, 13 hours 3 minutes. I wouldn’t even know the multiple to get the actual time it took to make this reality. Worth every minute, fear and frustration. If this being in the world helps one person, it will have been worth it. I hope it does. I believe it will.
Some of my best writing, most vulnerable sharing and strongest leadership is in my last two years of writing as this is a chronological account. Those best pieces are only in this version of the book.

Please get yourself a copy and share widely if you are inspired.

I want the entire skydiving community and beyond to know this exists, just in case my words are exactly what they needed, just like so many other authors words have been that for me.
Much much love, my friends. I hope you get so much out of this for yourself.
Get the book HERE.