I never thought in a million years, I could ever become a skydiving coach and organizer. Much less one that worked consistently in our sport.

Much less be one that traveled the world for years doing it. Much less one that STILL gets to do it in the ways I love the most.
This idea was so far from anything my brain thought was possible, I never even considered it for myself until my life ended up going that direction…
Years later, I have looked back and distilled why… as in, how in the heck did that really happen??
So now I can share it with others looking to contribute and chase down their own dreams in our beautiful sport.
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Thursday, April 23rd, 12-1:30pm EST / 9-10:30am PST
So how DID that happen?
What, in my experience, goes into becoming an effective and sought-after skydiving coach and organizer?
What goes into getting consistently hired for both big and small jobs?
For anyone with aspirations to grow in our sport in this way on any level, or even those looking to learn more broadly on leadership, influence and longer-term impact in any area… this session is for you.
I will distill from my expansive experience as a skydiving coach, LO and event organizer, both at home and around the world, what I assert are the absolute best practices for anyone to become a truly exceptional LO, andhow to translate that into actual work.
This followed by open Q&A.
Normally these sessions are 1 hour. For this one I’m doing 1.5 so we can answer any and all questions that might come up. We can always end early.
If you can’t make it live, grab a ticket specifically to get the recording after.
**Comp slots available for anyone currently financially strapped.
VIP tickets for everyone else, although everyone is a VIP, just sayin.
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