Fear is a sneaky little sucker…

Gets in there in our blindspots and keeps us feeling heavy, stuck, less than.. all this sooooo not awesome stuff.
Shine some light on it through an intentional conversation, and employ some courage in intentional action, and yeah, we can move through and beyond ANY fear that tries to hold us back.
Conscious courage gets us to the clarity we need to move forward with strength and confidence.
Having a teammate to help us clarify and continue through our uncertainty is often the best money and time we ever spend.
Because it gives us lessons and strength we can get no other way, and that strength serves as a stable foundation for the rest of our lives, growth, and goals.
Aka, everything you want and don’t have now starts first with this effort.
If you’re feeling blocked like this and ready to truly allow help, please reach out.
It takes strength to ask for help. To acknowledge where we are held back and hurting. Those who have the courage to face that vulnerability are the ones rewarded from the transformation that only comes from that kind of courage.
When you’re ready, I’m here.
All my love.

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