This picture… Jumping out of the plane chasing Joya Dass of LadyDrinks NYC making her VERY FIRST SKYDIVE!

Opening up to the transformation that ONLY comes from overcoming our biggest fears.

If you look closely, you can see a full-teeth grin plastered across my face as my feet are leaving the aircraft.
Oh hell yeah.
This as part of the first-ever Skydiving Retreat Day, where 7 women dove in both literally and emotionally, with transformative life coaching circle sessions led by me both before and after the jump.
No other word to describe this day.
MASSIVE thank you to Joya and her LadyDrinks New York community for the idea that now will go on to help so many have powerful personal breakthroughs and some of the most fun they never knew we could have in life.
Ahhhhhhhhh to say I’m excited about this prospect would be the understatement of the century.
If you have not jumped before and you want me helping you through and beyond, reach out and we can talk about making this happen for you and your team. 
Until then, my friends.. love, blue skies and sunshine.

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