Hey all.. this blog post is one of those tasks that’s been on the list a LONG time and only is getting checked off because of accountability. Telling someone you don’t want to let down, then being held to it over a specified timeline.

The ONLY reason I’m getting this one done… is because of BOB.

The new virtual accountability and coaching group I’m running (and a part of!)… moving us all beyond our bullsh*t.
That sh*t works.
And, if you’re a skydiver with the appropriate skill level, check out the gear I have for sale. Or if you’re newer and my size, I have a few jumpsuits for sale too. Feel free to share this link around to people you think might benefit from getting great gear for cheap. I’m a believer in good skydiving gear karma… I like to give great deals to good people… I get some and they do too.
Any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line directly.

Skydiving Gear For Sale

*If you’re interested in anything, have any questions, or would like additional pictures, please email me directly at mel@highcomms.com.
*Buyer pays shipping.
*Can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
*Mel can refuse sale to any person for any reason.

1. Katana 107

USA pattern
Less than 100 jumps
$1800 OBO
USA canopy copy

2. Velocity 90

All teal
1000’s of jumps, very “loved” canopy, patches on the tail, needs new lines
Opens like a dream
Multiple owners, my favorite past owner… Jonathan Tagle 😉
$600 OBO

3. Stiletto 107

All teal
Approximately 1000 jumps
Brand new lines
$300 OBO

4. Cookie Gas Helmet

Size small
As is (stickers and current shield)
$175 OBO
IMG_4984 IMG_4983 IMG_4982 IMG_4981
Any questions or interest, just drop me a line directly to mel@melaniecurtis.com.

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