It’s hard to describe what happens in a life coaching relationship.

Every person is so exceptionally complex and beautiful and cool in the realness they bring to our work. We fu*cking laugh, we cry, and we get into it fierce. That’s what we can all do inside the safety and strength of relationships we trust. In relationships where we have earned the space for courage and tackling of those things that hold us back the most, and equally magnifying the things that want to explode expressively out of us once we feel free enough in those possibilities too.
IMG_4362I have experienced little more rewarding and fulfilling than this work… than these relationships with these incredible souls.. and in witnessing how they transform through their own efforts and guts to go for it. ……..
So much I could say. And always the words still never seem to fully fit.
Below is a text I got from a client this week that I worked with for nearly 2 years. DAMN, we did good work. I’m swelling with happy tears right now thinking about what we did together. So so happy for him, and proud of him, and proud of us. This may sound weird, but I feel HONORED to have been able to be a part of his life in this way. I feel this way truly and deeply with anyone I work with. I take client trust exceptionally seriously, and respect little more than the courage it takes for us to actually own what we think and feel as our intentional starting point to grow.
Ahhhhhh I am so moved today!!! Good tears of joyful love and life.
He said I could share his text and didn’t even need to keep it anonymous, so here it is:
“Thank you for being my friend and my coach. Within the safe and caring boundaries of the relationship that you shepherded I was able to explore and release so many self-limiting fears. So many of the processes that we engaged in together are now internalized within me. It’s like you’re a part of me in some way. :)”
The first time Rich and I met in person after working together for over a year. Of course I made him take a selfie with me. #duh hahahaa :))

The first time Rich and I met in person after working together for over a year. Of course I made him take a selfie with me. #duh hahahaa :))

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That’s all for today, my lovely friends.. thank you as always for reading, and if there’s ever anything you think I can help with, never hesitate to reach out.
Til then, all my love,
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