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Blue Skies Magazine, Sep 2015
Life Coaching Column #61
Issue #67

“We Got Guts”

By Melanie Curtis
I just got interviewed for Skydive Mag. Always a fun thing to do an interview.. you get to feel cool, add value to others with your thoughtful musing, and gain value for yourself through the same such musing. One of the questions in this interview was, “So what can we expect next from Melanie Curtis?” Given this is a skydiving interview in a skydiving magazine, I assumed that meant what’s next for me in skydiving.

Interestingly, this has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now… what is  next for me in skydiving?

Right now, I’m in the middle of the biggest break I have ever taken from jumping. Ever. The last jump I made was the last jump of 8-way at last year’s Nationals, September 27th, 2014. As of today, July 1st, 2015, I have not jumped for 9 months and 4 days. Historically, over the last 15 intense years of my 20 total as a skydiver, the most I ever went voluntarily without jumping was 2 weeks. Max. Ever.
Skydiving has defined and directed my entire adult life. From that first jump at 18 years old, skydiving was my pursuit. My passion. The driving force behind effectively all my choices. With such singular and intense focus, I was able to do and achieve truly and hugely great and meaningful things in my career that I will forever be proud of and grateful for.
Like anything big in our lives, for you or me, skydiving or otherwise… it’s not nothing. It’s something.
I suppose the question I’m looking at for myself now is… does it have to be everything? In the realm of possibility, I’m asking myself… if I let go of what skydiving has always been for me, what else could it be? What else could I be?
The cool thing about right now is that I’m letting myself explore these questions. I’m giving myself the time and space to rest. I’m resting to see what I learn in the space away from what I’ve always done.
photo(1)Obviously not everyone engages in the sport of skydiving as I have, and that’s cool… but I’d guess we’ve all got things that show up over the long-term of our lives that could just keep going and going as they always have if we let them.
And that’s the thing, right? Sometimes things need a pause… deserve our conscious reflection.
Because our lives matter enough to make that effort.
Because WE matter enough to make that effort.
Because we deserve our highest happiness in all our life chapters.
And how do we ensure our highest happiness in each chapter?
We look.
We check in with ourselves and our intuition about where we’re at and what we want to do next.
Sometimes that takes time, and that’s ok too.

It’s far too easy to keep doing what we’ve always done.

And if we always do what we’ve always done just because we’ve always done it, we run the risk of blindly spending chunks of our life not as happy as we could be.
Not as happy as we could be?? F that, I say.
As such, I’m taking the time now to look for myself. To ensure my own happiest future however it ends up looking. My gut is telling me to take this time, to be patient through this process, and I’m trusting myself to do it. And ya know what? As rife with the unknown as my future feels some days, I also feel awesome knowing I’m doing what’s right for me right now.
And I think that’s cherry on top of this here skydiving inspirational sundae. Is that every time we look… we look for ourselves… we get into the nitty gritty of making ourselves and our lives really count. We teach ourselves bit by bit that we got guts and our gut is something we can trust. Something we must trust to find our happiest life. So whatever it is for you… trust you too. I’m with you. Tizzle 2.0, out.

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