I’ve been on a physical-space kick lately.

Liberation by way of t-shirts in white plastic.  (Sounds like the name of a very artsy fartsy type painting that I’d love.  Awesome.)

You know, clear your space, clear your mind… free your space, free yourself.  (Yes, the deep thought in this post comes at the very beginning. Sweet.)  Physical clutter is literal physical weight on our lives that we can periodically tackle to lighten our energetic load.  It’s like that speech Clooney gives in the movie, Up In The Air, where he talks about putting everything you own into your backpack… everything from your phone to your refrigerator.. and as you add your stuff, feeling the weight on your shoulders.  Dang, right?  Not to totally steal Clooney’s thunder, but it’s the perfect metaphor for this current kick, so here we are, extra PR for Danny Ocean and a little inspiration on lightening our load.
So today, I completely purged my closet.  Not a massive reorganization, just going through all the clothes/shoes/purses/etc., getting rid of every last thing I don’t use.  In this type of exercise, my typically positive trait of seeing great potential in everything tends to be problematic.  (See: overfilled closet.)  So today I was determined.. I went in, guns blazing, heart hard, stuff was gonna go.  Then.. as the donation pile grew, I thought about how great it was that I was able to give so much.. and it became easier and easier to let stuff go.

The attachment to the stuff no longer was the trump card.. the giving and freeing took over.

Three garbage bags later, I enjoyed my date with the Salvation Army, and drove home 60 pounds lighter.
Go for it, guys.. take a day, take a couple hours.. clean something out, completely reorganize.. whatever you get the urge to do.  It’s worth it.  And it feels awesome.
Happy liberating!
Would love to hear about whatever you decide to do. 🙂

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