Today I was hungry.

When I feel hungry like I did today and have the day working from home, that’s usually a dangerous combo. Working from home = full access to the fridge and cupboards. That said, despite wanting to eat 10 times of everything, I ended up doing pretty well eating well.
Today in pictures… minus the eggs. I ate 4 eggs today… 2 at a time, 2 different times. And one multi-grain thin for breakfast.

I gotta tell you, this stuff is DELICIOUS. Throw it in a smoothie and you’ve got yourself a seriously tasty treat and a lot of protein. Win-win. YUM.

Smoothie pre-blend… 3/4 scoop of the protein powder, some ice cubes, some frozen blueberries, a super ripe banana, and some water. Like seriously delish.

This little per-drink blender is sooooo easy and useful. I love it. Highly recommend.

After the eggs and the smoothie, I actually went 8 hours without eating. Accidentally. Oops. Got wrapped up in work, had a Red Bull to kick it up a notch, then the airport/Thai pick-up took thrice as long as anticipated. Good thing the Thai ended up being awesome!

Chicken green curry. I opted out of the rice, so feel awesome about today’s finish!

Take-away still is sleep more.

I VERY often opt out of sleep when faced with other opportunities, such as spending time with people I love, working on something I care about, or fulfilling whatever responsibility. Those values tend to win when I prioritize. Also, what I’m noticing more and more is how directly related sleep really is to how strong I feel, how mentally capable I am, how much I want to eat crap, ETC. I mean, we all know this. We all know how important sleep is, but I guess what I’m getting at is that I want to add choosing sleep to my healthy-choices practice. I’m happy with my consciousness with my food choices, but if I’m broadening the idea of what’s “healthy,” more sleep is definitely a part of that equation.
Cool. So that’s what I’m gonna do. 😉 14 down, 16 to go! Zzzz…

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