Sometimes just starting is all it takes.

Write a few words down. Put on the workout clothes. Open the book.
What are you waiting to do?  Go do it for 10 minutes.  I’ve been up against a writing wall for a while, and so that was my commitment to my coach this week.  Write for 10 minutes a day. That’s all.  Maybe one of those days one of those 10’s will turn into an hour. Maybe two. Maybe it won’t. But I know for sure zero always stays zero.  Multiplication tables right there, team. heh
Anyway, you get the gist. 10 minutes of whatever you’re avoiding. Go. Right now. Then whenever you’re done, come tell me how it went.
Love you mean it, but really mean it.
PS. I think it’s funny how if you go straight to the bold sentence and just read that.. well.. you get it.