Like Brené Brown points to about THE developmental milestone of midlife, when it’s clear our armor is what’s holding us back. She says, “The Universe comes down, puts her hands on your shoulders and whispers in your ear,

‘I’m not f*ckin’ around, you’re halfway to dead.

The armor is keeping you from growing into the gifts I’ve given you. Time is up.'”
When we meet this moment in our own lives, we finally start to move. We finally start to try stuff we’ve never been willing to try before. To do things we’ve never been motivated to do. To ask for legitimate help. To hire professional teammates. To go bigger and deeper than we ever have because, FOR REALS… if not now, when? If not us, who?
Here are my predictions for 2024:

The first 2 of my predictions point to this undeniable energetic and mindset shift that inspires a seismic midlife shift. In the best ways. We’ve all seen it. Maybe you’ve been there already. Maybe you’re in it now. COOL.
My 3rd prediction is specific to NOW.

The psychedelic healing movement and legalization movement is very real and gaining palpable momentum.

The anecdotal evidence is so overwhelming it can no longer be ignored either.
Founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey, NFL champion Aaron Rogers, Melissa Etheridge, Tim Ferriss, Steve Jobs, Chelsea Handler, countless veterans, first responders, addicts and everyday people, and absolutely me too. The list goes on and on and ON. The science to back up our stories of life-altering transformation and inspiration is finally being supported again after decades of political suffocation.
This will become a path to deeper healing and professional breakthrough for so many more in the coming years.
Please reach out if you have questions but feel you can only ask them in a safe and confidential space.
I have been doing this work for the last 5 years, speaking publicly about it for longer, including the years I spent learning for myself when information was not even remotely as accessible.
I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I have a strong network and list of resources to hopefully help you get to whatever you uniquely need. These confidential Q&A connection calls are something I offer precisely because so many people are now feeling called to explore this path of healing for themselves but understandably feel nervous to openly ask about it. If this is you, I’m here. We’ll talk. There’s nothing wrong with learning. I’m glad I can help whenever you’re ready. Go HERE.
If you’re not ready to talk but still want to learn more, we share at length and in depth about our experiences on our podcast, and we host guests that are helping educate the world too. Entirely free. Listen HERE. I hope it helps!!