This video is funny and adorable. It’s funny and adorable because it’s TRUE.
I react like this because that’s how much it matters to me. That’s why being there for my people matters so much to me too.
It moves me this intensely because I legit LOVE my people, of course.. AND because of the deeper healing I’m doing inside myself and in my trusted relationships to believe that I’m worth enough for my people to show up for too.
Of course cognitively I understand this. DUH. On every conscious plane, I massively believe in my worth and the worth of all humans. When we talk about deeper healing though, it takes time to really GET it. To make the unconscious, conscious. To collect enough evidence in new experience to deeply disprove the ideas that have run the show behind the proverbial scenes for so long.
You want to really be able to touch your highest potential… really experience your unique “peak performance”… really want to be able to lead, create, connect in the ways that actually move others AND fulfill you…

This deep work is nonnegotiable.

When you’re ready, reach out. Because we also don’t do this work alone either. Keep in mind, there’s never a “good time” either. Now is as good a time as any, we’ll dial in the level and frequency of support that’s right for you right now.
That’s how you do it. That’s it. #goteam
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