When it comes to healing… what do you think holds us back the most?

✨ I just took the stage in New York City to deliver my TED-style talk on deep healing as the missing piece for so many of us. And what holds us back the most from leaning into what undeniably could transform us and everything in our lives for the better. 
I touch on setting the most recent skydiving world record, my business and creative success, and how these things connect to my healing journey, specifically my experience healing with psychedelic plant medicines.
✨ I believe deeply that bravely showing up… vulnerably sharing ourselves… IS our highest service.
For those who couldn’t attend the in-person event, I wanted to offer an option to experience it virtually and get to ask questions after too.
✨ I will open the room, deliver the talk live for attendees, then open the floor for hearty Q&A after. 
Questions about the world record, about business, about psychedelics… all are welcome and encouraged.

Wednesday, November 29th, 7:30-9pm EST

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