I’m serious, it’s saving me.

How are you being creative in the time of Covid?
I think I would be going completely crazy without the flow I find in those times I’m creating.
Writing these posts, recording the audible book, doing Trust the Journey, editing videos, creating online class content, singing when it strikes me, ETC.

Photo by Irina Leoni

Today was one of those days where I felt so much more resistance. Resisting reality. Brief but draining moments refusing to accept what is.
So I spent the day honoring where I was, resting and practicing patience.
Now that I have gotten through the bigger part of that wave trying to push me down, I wanted to write to you and share this little bit that’s been helping me in hopes that it helps you.
How can you be creative in the time of Covid?
Breathing and persisting together.
Love you.

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