The thing about setting goals and taking steps toward your biggest dreams…

What actually ends up happening almost never goes the way we think it will, almost always is rife with challenge, and almost always ends up infinitely more brilliant than we ever could think up at the start.
Our jump and mission yesterday most definitely was this kind of journey. I’ll share more details and stories in future posts, but know there are so many life lessons in such a vast undertaking. I imagine the suffragists vision and fight for the right to vote and full equality being the same, only on a far greater scale.
This image is us on our way to our drop zone. Highlight Pro Skydiving Team, on our way to doing a live-streamed demonstration skydive in New York City on Women’s Equality Day 2020, the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment that secured the right to vote for women in the United States. On our way to do a ton of big media highlighting this historic moment and reminding us all to not only learn history, but more importantly to learn FROM it. That yes, the 19th amendment in language secured the right to vote for all women, but in reality it only secured it for white women. That not until decades later and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 did people of color even BEGIN to gain access to the polls.
Impact can come in big bold moves, and in small acts of bravery that builds. Always remember that ripple effect is real and can begin with even the smallest action.
This video is the full show of our demo jump yesterday. 100 years to the day millions of women finally secured the legal right to use their voice.
We’ve come so far as it relates to women’s rights and equality at large and still have so much more work to do.
If this jump and the women’s suffrage movement proves anything, it’s that SO MUCH more is possible than we EVER currently think. And so much more is possible when we come together with shared vision and purpose.
The suffragists did it and they changed the world.
Let’s live into their legacy by being bold and brave in our own ways.. by using our voice as we are called.. and by using our VOTE to speak for the leaders and laws we want to see in our future.

If you think your voice doesn’t matter… start speaking up and see what happens. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, use yours in November and see what happens.

The 19th amendment passed by ONE VOTE. Millions of women in this country have a say in the laws that govern them because of ONE VOTE 100 years ago yesterday.
I definitely plan on using mine. I hope you do too.