Posts on purpose often really bug me. They bug me because in a lot of them I see this implication that “finding your purpose” is something you achieve and until you find whatever it is you’re f*cked.
That, my friends, is BS.

“Purpose” is not an achievement.

In my experience, figuring out things that feel purposeful is a process. It’s a consistent practice all the time in our messy, confusing, comical, painful human experience of stripping away preconception, fear, and judgment to discover what’s underneath all that crap.
Hahaha all that crap.
We all have all that crap on our emotional eyeballs and through the process of illuminating that and dissolving it away can we start to see and FEEL where we’re actually called.
Its kind of like Andy Dufrane in Shawshank, crawling through miles of literal crap to come out free on the other end. Hahahaha but DANG that freedom feels good. Dang that freedom as fuel for whatever we choose to do.
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