I will never forget the day I embraced getting professional help…

Hahahaha that sounds funny…
As in, getting another pro on my team to help me through something I couldn’t figure out on my own no matter how hard I tried.
Our friends actually cannot do this for us. 
Our friends serve a critical supportive role, but they most likely are not trained to the level we need when we are working through a bigger crisis like a divorce, life rebuild, grief, identity crisis, relationship conflict and crisis, etc.
Pros on the other hand, they exist for exactly this kind of help.
For whatever reason, I just thought I’d work through my stuff with my friends. Because for every other challenging time and breakdown experience in my life, that’s what I’d done.
This was different.

What I had always done simply wasn’t working. 

So I finally made an appointment to talk to a pro.
I INSTANTLY felt better.. safer in the world even though that might sound weird.
Not that I was through my challenge, but I no longer felt like I had to have all the answers. Even though of course we all always have all our own answers, we just sometimes struggle to see into our own blindspots, and as a result stay stuck in pain of whatever kind.
Even though this is EXACTLY what I do for others as a coach, we are too close to ourselves and our challenges to be able to efficiently do this for ourselves.. I’d say we certainly can do it on our own, it just takes a f*ck lot longer being in pain, and DANG how sucky would life be without those people we can look to in our stories and feel IMMENSE gratitude for them being there for us and helping us in the ways they have.
Literally every time I think of Carol, the incredible therapist I worked with a few years ago, I am flooded with gratitude.
Obviously I wouldn’t have wanted to have such a painful time in life that I felt like I needed a pro, but sometimes that’s exactly what life delivers, it’s totally normal, and the gift in that experience isn’t shown to us until later.
If ever you’re looking for a teammate through a challenge of your own, for real, reach out anytime.
This is what I do. And if my style isn’t your jam, that’s totally cool too, reach out to the person that feels right for you.
Give yourself the life experience of letting others in on your struggle if your’e in one.
If we talk about self-love, growth, strength, all these things often associated with doing things alone.. making that shit happen..

I contest it is much stronger to let people in and accept help, than to keep ourselves hurting with others at arms length.

At least it was for me.      
Hope my story helps you accept whatever help will help you too.