I wouldn’t think a column making reference to a freaking blizzard would still be relevant in late April..

but since it is, and since a client and I were talking this morning about the concept embedded in this story, I thought I’d make it the next Blue Skies Mag bit on the blog.
Boom. 😉

Blue Skies Magazine, February 2018
Life Coaching Column #89

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

By Melanie Curtis
Yesterday there was a big blizzard. I didn’t leave the house once except to drag the garbage to the curb through 3-foot snow drifts.
It was awesome. That’s not even sarcasm.
I loved it. Today, it’s sunny, stupid freezing, and blowing so hard there are wind-chill warnings out the wazoo. The northeast certainly delivers in extremes on life experiences, one of the reasons I love it so much here.
Wazoo-level wind chills are pretty standard skydiving in the winter, something I did the other day after not doing it for nearly 15 years, no joke. And that was awesome too. Not just because I was jumping doing something old and newly novel because of how much time had passed, but also because it was with one of my new friends jumping out of an airplane for the very first time. Tandem masters and tandem videographers get that kind of experience all the time, I don’t. For me, that jump was old and new and brand new, all wrapped into one experience.

The more we live, the more experiences we rack up… the more things become like this… simultaneously old and new.

The thing with life experiences is that even if we think we’ve had it before, every single experience is actually always entirely brand new.
This moment has never occurred before and never will again.
Every single moment embodies infinite possibilities. Sounds big, but that sh*t is real. None of your skydives will EVER be the same. Even doing back-to-back 4-way training jumps or leading yet another boogie tracking dive, they’re all entirely new. Every single time.

When we take on this mindset, every experience can have that tingle of exciting newness.

Every choice can feel empowered and open. Every interaction with another person no matter how well we know them can have the electricity of possibility even when our default mindset might be to think we know exactly how it’s going to go, that we’ve done this all before, that there’s nothing new to experience. There is. Every single time. No matter how many times we’ve done anything.
This mindset has helped me feel genuinely joyful pretty much every time I step to the open door of an aircraft in flight, even though I’ve been doing this “one” thing for 22 years.
This mindset makes me feel empowered that I haven’t had any alcohol for nearly a year even though I “already did this” back in the day to get in shape and on point for higher-level 4-way training. This mindset makes me excited to talk to my best friend on the phone later even though we’ve talked on the phone plenty of times before. This mindset makes me feel alive getting out of bed each day, wondering with wonder what might become of the next 24 hours.
The next time you find yourself bored, frustrated, even apathetic about life, a relationship, yourself… try on this lens for a few and see what you might see too.
Baby it’s cold outside… I wish I knew how to break the spell… whoa, those are Christmas lyrics and it’s February, bet you didn’t see that ending coming.
See? Tizzle 2.0, out.

PS. My favorite scene in Elf.

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