We don’t know what we don’t know.

We all have blindspots, and that’s cool. Whether it’s how we approach our goals, how we relate to people, or our thoughts on the beauty of Yosemite National Park.
We have our experience in our minds, and that’s what we can imagine something relative to. Makes sense. Our experiences shape our filters and thus what we believe to be possible.
Once again… I had no idea.
Yosemite is so ridiculously indescribably beautiful and massive, I really couldn’t even conjure it in my mind. The pictures also do it no justice, which is another totally annoying thing to say, but I will officially be annoying and say that Yosemite really is something you just have to see and experience yourself to believe.
On top of that, go with one of your oldest and best friends, and you have yourself for a beautiful memory-making experience, inside and out.
Make time.
Make memories.
And always remember there’s so much more out there for us than we ever can currently imagine, so keep your mind open and let whatever¬†life awesomeness is for you come to you too.
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