Quick post of the little video I made for the ladies at the SDAZ SIS 2015 event happening now and run by incredible skydiving women I am lucky to know and call friends.
Also, a little window into my lovely temporary home here in Santorini, Greece before I head out tomorrow for India. Whooooaaaa, New Delhi. #WMFT
Because I couldn’t be there this weekend in person, I wanted to show up however I could to send love, support, and a little hilarity to my ladies. (You know how I roll.)
And that’s the thing.. all these badass women at this event.. they showed up.
That takes something. And when you do… you get so much. So do it. Show up.

Show up however you can for your people…

and for yourself.
As for my sky sisters, any questions you have, beauties, hit me up anytime.
Huge love!