So I’m back from the World Tour. I live in Vermont. #VTserenity.

If I’m being 100% honest… I feel f*cking incredible.
So how’d that happen?
IMG_7878Watch this video for more insight into the #WMFT, how it came about, what it delivered most deeply, and where I’m going from here.
A bit of this story just happens to be told in my application video to a thing called Catalyst Week, started by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and massive contributor to transformative company cultures, and increasing of consciousness amongst people that are diving into this type of business and life in their own ways. My fingers and toes are crossed that I get a spot amongst these epic people, thought leaders, highly engaged entrepreneurs, conscious thinkers and communicators.
Because I want to align myself with my people… people consciously charging after the things they believe in and are willing to tap their courage to create.

Because I want to be in that room where everyone could very easily be smarter than me.

Because I want to contribute in the way only I uniquely can by tapping my own courage to be in this level of conversation and action.
I call each of you to be the same. To discover what that looks like for YOU.
Uniquely you.
If you want me as your teammate in that pursuit, that’s what we do when coaching comes into the picture. Drop me a line and we’ll do a Sample Session if now feels like the right time for you.
If it’s not now, that’s totally cool too.

Your timeline and path are perfect for you.

Life is good, my friends… life is good.

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