About Mel

Ahh, about me… in the smallest of nutshells, I am a small-town girl turned Middlebury graduate, turned corporate American, turned professional skydiver, turned life coach, fear consultant, and mobile-entrepreneur expert (#freedom #hellsyeah #LTD). And yeah, like all of us, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Loving the wild ride that is life and entrepreneurship.. trusting myself in the continual creation of awesomeness, love, and hilarity.. and always learning and growing as I go.  Growing my awareness in communication, relationship, interpersonal dynamics, work flow, life balance, love, everything.  I love it all. And I love you. Word. #forrealsyo

~ Mel



Get unstuck. Get real. Get your ass in gear. Mel helps you actively and courageously create your long-term happiness. Do the work, get the results. Simple as that.



Mel brings an engaging electricity and realness to her teaching that is as effective as it is insightful. Bring Mel in to infuse your event with aliveness and connection. Boom.



Mel expertly extracts insight from any experience. Aaaaaaaaaaaand... she's hilarious.

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