Creating a personal board of directors.

It may sound counterintuitive, but this is a high-level power move in business too.
Basically this is a select group of people and professionals that you TRUST to give you solid, useful, honest feedback when you are navigating a personal challenge.
I work with a lot of people in business, yes, but I PRIMARILY serve as a member of people’s personal board of directors.
We all have emotional challenges, and we need to create our own support systems.
If we’re thinking about it from a business perspective, we can only elevate and do the best that we can in the business sphere if we are handling our personal stuff as well.

We think we can compartmentalize, but we can’t. Emotions and stress always bleed into the other lanes of our lives.

As such, like I said above, creating a personal BOD is a high-level power move. All we have to do is prioritize its creation.
We’ve been fed for so long this idea of only work work work work work, that if we just work work work work work, we’ll “succeed” at work… well, in all my experience, this isn’t how it works at all haha. Even that sentence is too much work! haha
One of the biggest reasons this part of my work has been so fulfilling over the years is because it’s a place where people can actually be REAL In so doing they realize the deep power in that, and are freed into a set of skills they were not given permission to even consider cultivating before.
This changes everything.
Reach out if you want help. I will be on yours and help you build it out. 👊🏻
PS. Watch a video about this here.