Hi team! Today was a big day with a big interview. It was also a day full of balance.

I was only able to rock the big interview because I hard-core rested before it.
I’ve talked with multiple friends who have been experiencing waves of emotion with the uncertain state of our world right now.
I feel you, my friends.
I have too.
Today was a solid day. I felt strong.
I believe that’s only because I’ve been doing some very deliberate things.
I did a Facebook live video today to share a bit about HOW I am managing the different bandwidth I have now for doing both my normal work and for the times I want to be fully “on” with a guaranteed higher level of energy.
*Hint: It’s taking more now because of the fear and stress we are all navigating.
The best part… Matil made an appearance haha, CLICK HERE if you want to see my sweet beautiful girl being a superstar on live video. Duh.
Ironically I’m rigorously restricting my time on Facebook to protect my mind and energy.
FB lives = good
Mindless scrolling of terrifying news = bad
I’m actually very happy to be here, writing you more regularly again. Most definitely one of the gifts I’m already grateful for in this experience.
Thank you for being here, my friends.
Keep breathing and being gentle with yourself too.

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