This is pretty much the most badass work I see from my clients, and myself too honestly.

One of my go-to antidotes to anxiety is creativity.. making something that adds value to others and the world in some way. Another is self-expressing.. sometimes it’s in the form of writing, other times in communication directly with a key person in my life or connected to the situation I find myself worried about. Sometimes I go exercise and boost my brain and body chemistry that way first. Sometimes I pause and simply breathe. Reconnect to the present moment to ground me away from any fear and back into the reality that everything is ok and I am capable.
All of these work very well for me, what works well for you?
These action ideas coupled with deeper understanding of where our anxieties might be rooted for us specifically and mindfully considering the situation, our values and the character of the person we really want to be.. I aim with all of that to determine what I do each time I feel triggered.

One thing I can say for sure is this has not been easy emotional work…

and I for sure have days that I feel less than stellar how I navigate the fears I feel in life, but I can also absolutely say I’m improving every day too. Every opportunity I get to work through a triggered moment with myself and my people, I see and feel this skill set of mine get stronger.
Keep practicing, you will too. If you want help, we can talk anytime and it would be my honor to be your teammate in your healing, transformation and rise.
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All my love.

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