Do not turn away from this part of the process.

Loneliness feels scary and straight-up awful..
Learning we can survive it.. learning we no longer have to fear it.. this is a critical building block to the unshakable peace inside ourselves we crave, the calm confidence we wish we felt with others, and allowing ourselves to go there.. to go all the way into our loneliness and fear is actually a massive act of self love and honoring ourselves exactly as we are.
When we do THAT, we also learn we are allowed to be our human selves and we are loved for every bit of that real person.
Lean in, my friends.. trust some of life’s greatest gifts are on the other side of that fear and pain.
In my experience, this is absolutely, undeniably the case.
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Love you. With you all the way. ❤️❤️❤️

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