My cousin just asked where I took this incredible sunrise photo from our family reunion… the answer? Right after I stepped out of the port-potty.

Haha as such, it inspired me to share this piece of literary genius/hilarity.
Never thought you could get transformative personal growth from a porta-potty? By all means, read on.
Spiritual awakenings and sweet sweet hilarity abound…

Blue Skies Magazine, July 2018
Life Coaching Column #94
Issue #103


By Melanie Curtis
This month, I started writing a really deep and powerful column about death and the complexity of life, only to come to the realization that all my brain can handle at the moment is porta-potties.
Yeah, you read correctly… the only thing that has free and clear inspiration for me this month is the experience we all share in the skydiving community of getting super comfortable using a porta-potty.
The fact that this is true SCREAMS to the point we all can get used to pretty much anything.
Case in point, using a porta-potty… awesome? Um… no.
Does it bother me like AT ALL anymore? Also, no.
The fact that we can use porta-potties without major issue actually shows us a bit of our own willingness to be adaptable… to be malleable in what we will do for the sake of what we want more.
In this case, be at skydiving boogies the entire weekend with our pals where porta-potties reign supreme. It shows our ability to be emotionally resilient when it comes to facing perceptible unpleasantness in life.
Do I WANT to use porta-potties? No.
Do I care when I have to? Also, no.
This is so clearly a step on the path to enlightenment. Being able to use porta-potties and legit not care.
If you still care or are like, no f*cking way, I’m not going in that thing ever.. this could be a great opportunity to take a look at your spiritual path.
I know it sounds like I’m joking, and I admit, half of this one I’m writing all punchy for effect and because that’s fun and the core subject matter is porta-potties which is aweome by itself without any insightful musing. Hahaa… punchiness aside, I will also say super straight:

Getting comfortable with the proverbial “sh*t” in life is a key emotional skill if our goals include sustainable peace, happiness, humor, or calm on any levels.

This column was inspired by a post I just put up on Facebook that reads:
I recently joined the Equinox gym in my town, and one of my non-skydiving friends said supportively, “Ooo that’s fancy!!” To which I replied, “I’ve been using porta-potties at drop zones for 20 years, it’s time for a little fancy in my life.” Hahahaha awesome.
This post illuminates a few things… mentioning porta-potties ever is hilarious. In this case, it carries with it a certain magnified shock value when juxtaposed with the legitimately fancy image of Equinox gyms in fancy New Jersey. Also funny.

More importantly, it points to the opportunity always available to us to choose forward from our long-term life experiences any time we want.

Do you have to ever be cool with using a porta-potty? No.
Can you decide to hold it even when you have to go really bad, refuse to ever use one and forever reject my notion that getting comfortable with this experience is part of spiritual evolution and building emotional grit? Yes.
Can you use the porta-potty, get all the spiritual-evolution/emotional-grit benefits AND decide at some point in your life you’re done with that experience? Also, yes.
I look back on my porta-potty usage and no joke, legitimately see it as a piece of building my own grit, resilience and easy-going approach to life. As in, I’ve used porta-potties for 20 years, pretty much nothing can freakin bother me now, ya know?
SO… The next time you’re racing between loads, freaking out that you don’t have time to run to the real bathroom, I will take heart that during that pre-boarding number 1 or 2, you might be thinking of me and having your own spiritual awakening only found in that soft blue glow. … Tizzle 2.0, out.