2016 is so on.

Happy New Year, team!

Whatever way you choose to ramp up or slow down or whatever your spirit and life needs this year,

I say do it.

If you want to give my help a go, of course that’s always open to you. As I always say, no presh. If it’s time for you and you want a hand to hold that legit cares as you jump off the cliff, I got you.


Two options:

1-on-1 Coaching … Not sure of your direction, want clarity so you can GO? … This.
BOB Accountability Group … Thrive in a group with other cool people who got your back? … This.


Any questions ever, fire away.

F*ck yeah, 2016.. so on.

Let’s do this thing.

Mel XO



About Melanie Curtis

Melanie Curtis is a life coach, writer, speaker, world traveler, art lover, movie-maker, professional skydiver, devoted family member, fierce friend, and Founder and CEO of melaniecurtis.com and Highcomms LLC. Melanie goes huge in all aspects of her life, living her version of “the dream,” and helps other people live theirs too through coaching, education, transformative conversations, and no-nonsense accountability.

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