… how completely fierce every woman was who stood up then to secure the rights we barely think about today.

Any idea what women couldn’t do in the mid-1800’s? The list will SHOCK you.

Any of my ladies out there that want to learn more,
Join us tomorrow night April 7th, 7pm EST for a P19 Link Up sesh.

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team holding Elaine’s book!

I get to facilitate a lively discussion on this fierce and fascinating history with author and expert, Elaine Weiss!
Elaine is an award-winning journalist and author of The Woman’s Hour, which focuses on the nail-biting final hours of the 72-year struggle leading up to women FINALLY securing the right to vote in America.
We have come a long way and are still coming together for equality today.
Would be stoked to have you join us tomorrow.
CLICK HERE and RSVP via Eventbrite for all the info.
See you there!

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