I haven’t skydived in the snow in 16 years. Until this week.

When my friend Gabriella was ready to jump out of an airplane.
We’ve been friends a while and she’s known I’m a professional skydiver the entire time, so it’s not about being friends with me.
It’s about making the conscious choice to experience life way beyond where we’re comfortable when that kind of expansion and evolution calls us.

Photo by Mike Volk, Skydive Cross Keys

I took my career in skydiving and coaching to the extremes– not in physical risk (I’m actually oddly risk averse in this way), but in the scope of engagement… because it brings me GREAT JOY to be able to share that experience, educate, and facilitate that kind of eye-opening for others.
Gab does the same thing for others through travel… she has traveled to 102 countries for her own joy, and from that created a company the curates unparalleled travel experiences that delivers breakthrough perspectives in droves.
That’s the thing that turns jumping out of an airplane into a life-altering stake in the ground. It has us face a deep and visceral fear and live through it.


The thing with fear though is that EVERY fear feels like that.
Aka we don’t have to jump out of an airplane to have this kind of breakthrough.
We can… we just don’t have to.
We can have a conversation that scares us.
We can go to a dance class.
We can go live on facebook.
We can ask that person out on a date.
We can write that really personal piece and actually post it on the internet with the intent to help others.
We can wear that new outfit we love that hasn’t historically been “us.”
We can go to a networking event or meet-up group.
We can go to a country we never thought would make it on our bucket list.
We can admit something we’re not proud of to someone we love.
We can show love to someone we fear losing.
We can start working on a new business idea.

Cheese factor aside… Every experience that has us face our fear has us fly.




Sometimes it’s time to skydive.
Literally or metaphorically.
When it comes that time for you, know I’m here.

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