I’m not going to bore you with more of my diatribe on the awesomeness of community, accountability, and follow-through.

Take it directly from Steph Libby, an active member in BOB, reshaping herself and her life each week, one little task at a time.
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Read Steph’s awesome review below. And I have to tell you, the fact that she did it first mostly inspired to support ME… well, sh*t… that moves me. Thank you so much, Steph, I couldn’t be more fired up on what we’re all getting up to together.

Bob testimonial:

So, a friend approaches me and says, “I’m putting X together, do you want to be a part?” Typically, I will try almost anything once, and if a friend asks me, I’m more inclined to want to take part to support my friend and show support for his/her idea. This is how I got into a group called BOB.
IMG_4159I had no idea what to expect or what would be expected of me, but I’d check it out, see how it goes. BOB = Beyond Our Bullsh*t – in other words, going beyond the typical BS that trips you up or prevents you from achieving the tasks you have set for yourself – from the lofty (fixing up the resume and looking for a new job) to the mundane (that closet needs to be cleaned out). Being involved with a group of people that has helped me set goals and then offers advice and encouragement to achieve them – I feel I can accomplish almost anything. BOB changes the things you *need* to do into the things you *want* to do. Seriously, I have seen it, been in the mix, and am so inspired by how BOB is truly *working* for the people involved. Thankfully, I’m one of those loving these very tangible results.
The feeling of elation that comes with completing something that seemed impossible (or a total pain in the butt) is such a lift. That’s the massive takeaway – self-satisfaction – it makes you feel so dang good! Personal growth – YES!!! With BOB in my corner, I am so totally excited about what I’m going to achieve going forward in this new year.
Sometimes the crazy idea that your friend wants you to try totally works – and sometimes it changes your life. BOB has changed mine. The ever-elusive ideal of being the best person we can be – we all strive for it – well, BOB actually makes that happen.


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Or email Mel directly to express your interest and ask questions. mel@melaniecurtis.com.
Sometimes we just have to take a chance to experience something new, and we get so much more than we could ever have thought up at the onset. Sounds super cliche, but legit.. what are you waiting for?