A big part of the coaching work I do with 1-on-1 clients is continuing conversations via email.

Just yesterday I had a client express how he knew how important it was for him to stay positive and focused on what he wants vs. what blocks him… he just didn’t know how.
What’s below is what I responded… in reading it back, it’s too powerful in it’s simplicity not to share with all of you too:
photo 5

Quick how-to list for focusing on what you want, and actually making it happen in reality too:

1. Consciously notice your energy change… when it dips into negativity, or starts to shift down, first notice that.. get used to looking for it, by consistently monitoring your energy situation-to-situation, thought-to-thought.
2. Step outside of the negative emotion you’re feeling and put on the objective investigator hat… ask yourself what is causing this feeling? What is happening situationally? What thoughts are going through my head?
3. Challenge whatever thought you see driving your decline in energy, choosing to consciously reframe your view on whatever situation, or whatever thought you’re having….. ie. actively look for what’s positive in the situation, how it is ultimately valuable and positive to you and others.
4. In that cleared energy and renewed positivity, consciously shift your thoughts back to something you know you want to achieve, spend your time on, or be.
5. Consciously choose to DO something in line with that positive, core-rooted goal.
6. See the progress/shift/positive evidence you earn from executing this process.
7. Continually do this process, all the time, everyday, every time you notice your emotions starting to take over your consciousness and your actions.

Hit home for you too?
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