About Me

Melanie’s true expertise is helping people discover the things about themselves they currently can’t see. Her clients really figure out what’s holding them back, ultimately freeing themselves from the shackles of deep limiting beliefs, making way for the epic energy that comes from that level of emotional freedom anMelanie Curtis Head Shot1d clarity. With that clearing, Melanie helps her clients then experience their lives at new levels of accomplishment, happiness, and peace, outside of anything most people have ever thought possible for themselves. Melanie educates, opens, and champions her clients to tap their courage making the changes they most deeply want to make, generating the life and relationships they most deeply want. They do this through transformative, non-judgmental, decidedly intentional, often hilarious, and most definitely committed, conversation.


A Middlebury College and iPec Coaching graduate, fierce coach, intensely driven entrepreneur, and comically authentic speaker and connector, Melanie has jumped out of an airplane 10,000 times, worked professionally in the sport of skydiving for many years, founded her own company, traveled the world challenging the model of mobile entrepreneurship, and extracts usable insight and hilarity in everything she writes and all content she creates. Amidst that, Melanie stands that the most courageous pursuit there is (and thus the most freeing and ultimately FUN), is that one deep inside ourselves, emotionally excavating powerfully freeing consciousness, then sharing that transformed, brilliant version of ourselves with everyone we touch, thus accessing life’s greatest joys and most meaningful connections. Booyah, let’s do this.

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