About Me

Melanie’s true expertise is helping people discover the things about themselves they currently can’t see. In other words, Melanie is an expert at facilitating breakthroughs for people. She is an expert at the kind of conversation that cracks people’s minds open… freeing them from limiting beliefs and fears that have tainted and hindered their progress and results to this point. Intentional, open yet directed, often intense conversation gives Mel’s clients powerful access to shifted perspectives that energetically show up as feeling more and more free, on fire, motivated, directed, clear, passionate, and purposeful the more between-the-ears shifts are achieved. These feelings grow over the long-term work, as do the external results to match. Mel is exceptionally gifted in facilitating the kind of conversation that is entirely free of judgment… oddly hilarious at times… and ultimately unparalleled in it’s productivity and personal transformation through an ongoing developing team relationship and fierce accountability and continued honing and execution of her client’s unique pursuits.


Sounds too big to actually be real… but it is… that’s what you get when you work with Mel. You discover, challenge, and courageously experience the best version of YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE beyond what you could ever see at the start. With that you learn even more how to grow your own vision… see what’s possible for yourself, and see how capable and doable your expanded vision and goals really are. Huge.


Melanie Curtis Head Shot1A Middlebury College and iPec Coaching graduate, fierce coach, intensely driven entrepreneur, and comically authentic speaker and connector, Melanie has jumped out of an airplane 10,000 times, worked professionally in the sport of skydiving for many years, founded her own company, traveled the world challenging the model of mobile entrepreneurship, and extracts usable insight and hilarity in everything she writes and all content she creates. Amidst that, Melanie stands that the most courageous pursuit there is (and thus the most freeing and ultimately FUN), is that one deep inside ourselves, emotionally excavating powerfully freeing consciousness as access to producing the most powerful results, then sharing that transformed, brilliant version of ourselves with everyone we touch, thus accessing life’s greatest joys and most meaningful connections. Booyah, let’s do this.

To work with Mel one-on-one to discover what’s going on for you… Click here: Coaching.

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