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Want to check out coaching with me, see if it’s right for you? A Sample Session is a 1-hour call where you and I will talk and get you clear on where you’re at and where you want your life to go. You will get goals for the week, inspiration to make it happen, and me holding you accountable.  For the full week, we can continue our conversation via email, and keep you going and growing. In a one-call/one-week experience with coaching, you will get a real taste for how much it can actually do for you in changing your life in all the awesome ways you want.

Normally $97 … For you, $67

Purchase your session here, and I will email you directly to schedule:

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Including: The Energy Leadership Self Assessment and Debrief

Are you ready to have what you really want out of your life? I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s for real. Think of the 3 biggest things you want in life… if you had those things in three months, what would that be worth to you?

This is actually what coaching does for us. It gives us the tools, clarity, and accountability to take action and make changes to create exactly the life we want. It’s real. We do it together.

“Figuring out why we react the ways we do, gives us powerful insight into ourselves. With that insight and awareness, we literally can design our lives, design ourselves.. we can choose how we want to engage with others, in our love relationships, at work, with ourselves, and with the world.  With that consciousness, everything is possible.”

~Melanie Grillet

Normally $397… For you $347

Any questions on anything or just to connect, just email me!

Look forward to connecting and working together!!
Mel 🙂

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