If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working… let’s talk.

* One 1-hour phone or Zoom video session with Mel.

* A full week of unlimited email and text conversation with Mel.

* A surge of clarity and motivation from one conversation.

* Insight into what’s holding YOU back, so you can actually move forward with confidence.

* Support and accountability to get you through the challenging start of making real change.

* Experience coaching with Mel first-hand, get all your questions answered, and see if this work is right for you.

* Leave this call with achievable goals for the week and a plan for accountability to get you really going in your new direction.

Everything is possible, and this is where we start.

Price $275 – The Co-Co Holiday Special $199


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**If this is a gift, Mel will email you a gift certificate for your loved one.
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**Additional Single Coaching Sessions after this first Sample Session cost $400 if clients need that smaller approach. Mel encourages all clients to decide on a full coaching package after this first session to get the most for their money and the most out of this work.
**We reserve the right to refuse purchase to any party for any reason.