This is the same as your Sample Session, simply at the regular price.

**If you plan to continue coaching, it is more economical to purchase one of the coaching packages. I only write this so that you consider all those factors before going this route. I definitely want you to get the most for your money anytime we work together. Certainly if purchasing the single is the way to go for you now, that’s great too. Booyah, here we go!


What is included:

  • 1-hour call and full week of unlimited email and text conversation directly with Mel.
  • Building on what we did in our Sample Session, or jumping into something new with this single sesh and week.
  • You will leave this call with achievable goals for the week, and a plan to get you/keep you going on whatever you want to do.
  • Mel will email you directly after your purchase.

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**We reserve the right to refuse purchase to any party for any reason.