Transform yourself and your life in one experience.

Skydive at Mount Everest and trek to Everest Base Camp.
With the best team in the world supporting your success…
Led by world class professional skydiver and life coach, Melanie Curtis.


  • Mel leading team debriefs…
  • Education every evening… 
  • Facilitating fun every day… 
  • Giving space for peace on the trail…
  • There for support and coaching at any point.

A glimpse into our experience:

(We all get our own team puffy jacket and embroidered bag too. Oh yeah, we’re not messing around. Hahaa I mean, duh.)


A tandem pair exiting the helicopter next to Mount Everest.

Experienced jumpers are welcome and priced accordingly. Everyone must jump with the oxygen system seen in this photo.

A jumper flying with the highest mountain on this earth. An unparalleled and unmatchable experience.


Nothing can compare to the bonds we make on a journey like this one.

Being a true team… supporting each other along the rigorous road both physically and emotionally to get to our goal.
We can only get this kind of insight from earning it.
We can only get these kinds of connections from sharing life…
from being there for each other literally every step of the way.

To apply for one of only 5 slots available:

1. Email Melanie Curtis directly at, subject line “I’m in.”

2. In that email, answer the following questions:

*Why do you want to have this experience?

*Why now in your life?

*How many skydives do you have? (Zero is typical, aka no skydiving experience is necessary.)

*Why will having you on the team make our overall experience better?

*What fears do you feel coming into this?

*What would you like to get out of this experience?

*What haven’t I asked that you want me to know?

3. That’s it, I put all the questions in #2. hehe

Things to know:

  • This is an extreme experience on a highly exclusive team that will take you to your own limits to transform, and has a price tag to match.
  • A 50% down payment secures your slot.
  • Final 50% payment is due 60 days before departure.
  • There are only 5 slots total available.
  • Final dates are to be determined, 2018 will be flying to KTM late October, flying home early/mid November.
  • Everyone must apply and be approved for this team and commitment.
  • Everyone must come with a strong body, a rugged will, active respect for all others, active respect for the culture and country we are visiting, an open mind, an open spirit, and an unwavering positive attitude for our team and every member on it.
  • No skydiving experience necessary. You can make your first tandem skydive next to Mount Everest.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone anytime.
  • Any questions, also email Mel anytime.

From me to you, for real.

I cannot WAIT to have this experience together. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time, and if you know me at all, you know I pretty much live in a genuine state of high energy and joy. I definitely have my down moments, but 93+% of the time, that’s me.
I love life.
I love people.
And even more than either of those,
I love sharing incredible life experiences with beautiful people, fundamentally altering all of our lives for the better in the process.
That, my friends, is my goal.
In one of the most beautiful places and cultures in the entire world.
Email me the stuff above to apply.
With you absolutely all the way.
PS. If you want to read about my own personal transformative experiences in Nepal, here are a couple of my blog entries sharing that love. World Tour: Nepal and Giving Back to Binod <3