Sometimes the most unlikely experience delivers the biggest breakthrough…


IMG_0860 2 Spend the day working with world class professional skydiver, life and executive coach, Melanie Curtis.

  • Learn how to literally fly (10 minutes of wind tunnel time per person)
  • Directly experience the highest level of coaching in this field
  • Learn about energetic leadership and how to apply it
  • Learn how to translate insight into more effective influence
  • Earn and understand the source of “breakthroughs” and how to illicit them in yourself and your team
  • Have FUN even though all of this sounds intense (which it is)

Each team member will fly with Melanie getting in-flight coaching.

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Choose to advance doing periodical training days to progress in flying, personal evolution, and professional development. The long-term work delivers the most powerful transformation and masterful skill sets.

Pricing begins at $5000/day for smaller teams.


Want to take it to the next next level?

  • Learn how to take your team actually skydiving.
Melanie Curtis- Simpson hands up freefall shot

The breakthrough that jumping out of an aircraft in flight actually delivers can only be gotten from the experience itself. We magnify that value and breakthrough in the expanded coaching and team experience.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
*This initial pricing is relative to the retreat day being held at either iFly Westchester (New York City area) or iFly Kind of Prussia (Philadelphia area).
*Contact Melanie directly to discuss other opportunities in other tunnels worldwide.