“Mel is exceptionally talented at relating the bigger concepts of identifying fear and clarifying values to the specific situations particular leaders and groups face. She’s crazy good at situational and interpersonal integration of concept and accountable action. Mel brings in her humor at just the right moments to lighten the mood, while equally creating gravity when it will best serve the audience. She connects in this way just as powerfully with a group as she does in an intimate one-on-one coaching conversation.”

Mel’s expertise is helping people and groups see things they currently can’t see. Taking the current lens that we look through, and switching it to one of possibility. Shaking things up, as it were.

People walk away from time with Mel with powerful new insight for themselves. They walk away actually empowered they can make change for themselves based on what they just heard.

IMG_2844For companies, this touches the bigger concept of how company culture actually is effected in action… and how leaders actually inspire this action as well.

Mel has extensive experience working with values-driven entrepreneurs in this style of between-the-ears-turned-transformative-action-and-leadership coaching. In her keynotes, Mel takes these core actionable principles and applies them powerfully to the business or group she is working with.

Mel’s experience ranges from larger corporate keynotes, larger facilitation of group conversation, down to smaller talks and intimate conversations.


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