Sample Sesh Special Deal

If you are legit stuck… this kind of shake-up gets to actually why.

If you’ve tried everything you normally try, and it’s still not working… let’s talk.

If you are intense and dig super straight conversation as access to usable insight and the most powerful next steps… let’s definitely talk.

* 1-hour call and full week of unlimited email and text conversation directly with Mel.

* A surge of clarity and motivation from one conversation.

* Insight into what’s holding YOU back, so you can actually move forward with confidence.

* Experience coaching with Mel first-hand, get all your questions answered, and see if this work is right for you.

* You will leave this call with achievable goals for the week, and a plan to get you started on whatever you want to do.

* Continued digital comms with Mel will give you the full coaching experience, and keep you accountable to the goals we set to get you making it actually happen.

Everything is possible, and this is where we start.

**Mel will email you directly after your purchase. 

** If this is a gift, Mel will email you a gift certificate for your loved one.

Price $200