BOB Coaching Group

Whatever you want to GET DONE, this group will help you do that.

By getting stuff done… what you’ll really get is an experience of yourself beyond what you’ve had to date.

IMG_3323Beyond our box.

Beyond our brains.

Beyond our bullish*t.

Beyond our blind spots.

And this…. is where everything new is possible.

(Also I think a group named BOB sounds funny. Hahaa sweet.)



This is how we ensure the continued excellence and evolution of the group dynamic… one that works… that is aligned… that grows with each member in it’s aliveness and inspired championing of each other, and being championed ourselves.

How to apply:

1. Email Mel the following:

*Your name

*Your current top 3 goals

*Why you would like to join this group overall and now


Expanded connection with like-minded, values-driven, kick-a** people.

A supportive network of epic individuals out to make more of themselves and their lives.

It’ll be fun, because that’s how we roll here.

And the connections we cultivate will provide that long-term, likely far greater benefit that occurs when awesome individuals come together.


Get S Stuff DoneAccountability is at the root of efficient progress.

Maybe it’s tackling clutter…

Maybe it’s building your business…

Maybe it’s planning your vacation…

Maybe it’s making time for family…

Maybe it’s remodeling your kitchen…

Maybe it’s taking on your own personal growth…

Maybe it’s learning the emotional skills you know deep down you don’t have, but need in order for your life to ever actually change…

Maybe it’s that thing you REALLY want to FINALLY see handled….

Maybe it’s something I can’t think of to put on this list but if you had support to see through, you’d actually do it….


For those of you who want a weekly kick in the a** and consistent support, this is for you.





Our network.

Making your life HAPPEN.

*** This group is NOT 1-on-1 personal coaching.


Here’s the deal:Courage8

*One call every week, 1 hour.

*Calls are Monday evenings, 6:30pm EST.

*Everyone gets time to share about what they made happen in the previous week, and what they want to be accountable to the next week.

*You get to say that sh*t out loud. Hear yourself commit. Feels good.

*Where we can help, connect, and contribute to each other, we will.

*Private Facebook group for continued support and comms through the week.

*Video conference meetings via Zoom software (free and way more fun).

*Or you can phone in. Your choice every time.

*It is each participant’s responsibility to show up for the calls.

*If you miss/skip a call, there is no make-up call, but you can always post your stuff in the FB group if you miss.

*Mel reserves the right to deny or revoke membership to anyone at any time.

*Automatically charged each month.

*Can leave the group at any time.

*No refunds on time already paid.

*Reach out to Mel directly with any questions or concerns ever regarding the group.

*Cancel anytime by emailing Mel directly at

How to apply:

1. Email Mel the following:

*Your name

*Your current top 3 goals

*Why you would like to join this group overall and now


Believe it or not, the value of this type of group reaches far beyond accelerating our efficiency and productivity… there’s something HUGELY valuable in feeling a part of a group that gets it… that’s got your back… that is pulling every single week for you to succeed and supports you through those human moments we all have.


**We reserve the right to refuse purchase to any party for any reason.