Goal-Setting: AIM SMART Worksheet and Video

This is a tool to help you set and follow through on your goals.

Simple as that.

Price $11

It includes:

  • The PDF worksheet for you to print and complete
  • The 1-hour video support class with yours truly to walk you through each section
  • Three MONTHS of email accountability check-ins to help you stay on track and follow through



Inspiration really is nothing without the action to back it up.

And it’s way easier to make sh*t happen when we have people in our corner.

I’m in your corner.
Technology makes it possible.

Price $11


I was going to make this 20 bucks, but I’m making it $11 because 11 is my favorite number and I want more people to get this, use it, and feel f*cking epic about themselves and their lives.


Those are the reasons.

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  • Then confirm your email subscription by clicking the link in the email you get

Price $11


Then you’ll get the first email in your series with the worksheet, video, and the beginning of this awesomeness that is us over these next months.

It’s clear you care about yourself and your life if you’re even considering using this tool.

If you do, cool. If not, cool.

However I can help now or ongoing, never hesitate to reach out.

Mel 🙂

Goal-Setting: AIM SMART Worksheet and Video Class

Price $11