1. Bucket List Design and Reboot – Online Class 

A bucket list isn’t some cliche BS thing… it is a legitimate tool to help us live more fun, full, and fulfilling lives.

F*cking fierce, I tell you.

Join me to design your own list from scratch, or reboot the one you have while I do too.

Tuesday, January 16th, 8pm EST (5pm PST)

*Mel will walk you through an intensive brainstorming exercise, leading the inquiry and exploration. 

*This class will deliver new ideas, deeper insight, and leave you with a list that sparks in your heart.

*This class will leave you with an actionable, accountable plan for follow-through.

*Join the 1-hour class live and get coaching or ask questions real-time.**

*Or purchase and do the recorded class whenever works for you.

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2. Mel’s Book: One Positive Thought.. Can Change Everything

#1 Amazon Bestseller


Inspiration and awesome instantly in your inbox…

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What people have to say about One Positive Thought:

“I’m taking my extra hour of the day to finish your book. So many awesome quotes! The ones that honestly speak to me most, are yours. You placed them SO well behind the intent and timing of your quotes throughout the book. It adds so much more power to the motivation! Repeating myself there, but I continue to marvel at how creative and brilliant and powerful the flow is. Reading your book is like the mental equivalent of an optometrist for someone almost legally blind. Every deeply resonating quote is like a flick of the panel to adjust your vision into your life and your patterns to see them clearly. Much like glasses allow clear vision into the world, your thinking in the book gives them now address them with wide open eyes.”

“It’s easy to read a quote, nod your head in agreement and feel like you are a better person for it, then proceed to repeat your patterns. I love how you’ve set your book up to prompt reflection on the quote, giving us a little more ownership and intention. I can see already how the messages will stick, and promote honest to goodness change! Awesome job Mel!”

“It is not often that a book of quotes has such palpable heart, yet that is what Melanie Curtis has achieved with this must-have for every library. Each page is filled with positive inspiration, contemplative wisdom, and real-world veracity, with a dash of her wicked sense of humor, that will move readers to strive for their dreams and be the best version of themselves. Truly a joy for the mind and soul.”

“A wicked dose of motivation, inspiration, insight and hilarity. SO GOOD.”

Buy your PDF of One Positive Thought Can Change Everything:

Price $15 

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Set and follow through on your goals more effectively and with more ease.IMG_4040

Simple as that.

It includes:

  • The PDF worksheet for you to print and complete
  • The 1-hour video support class to walk you through each section
  • Three MONTHS of email accountability check-ins to help you stay on track and follow through


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