Sky Skills Camps with Mel!

Melanie Curtis Grillet

Melanie Curtis


Can’t wait to jump with everyone!

Freefly Skills

*ONLY 5 SLOTS AVAILABLE *First come, first serve

*Must be able to safely participate in either sit-fly or head-down 3-ways

*We’ll shoot for 5 jumps, but I’m happy to do as many as we can get!

*You buy your jump tickets and Skydive Carolina is donating mine to make these camps more affordable for YOU! They rock!

*Cost covers all coaching, jump prep, and video debriefs! (Bring a USB drive if you want the video)

*Meet time 9:30am

*Email me if you have any questions!

 May 25-26 Belly Camp Video!

Feb 16 Belly Camp Video!

CarolinaFest 2013 Video!

Belly Skills Camp Group shot1MORE INFO


These camps are for any jumpers looking to learn the basics of belly flying, from foundational neutral body position and flying skills, to exit fundamentals and formation flying. Not to mention, meeting people, having a blast, and building on it all as we go! Love it. 😀

If you’re someone who has an A-license and not sure what to do next…
If you’re someone who’s not sure who to jump with
If you’re someone who’s afraid to “screw up the jump”
If you’re someone who just wants to have more fun
If you’re someone who wants to see longer-term progress
If you’re someone who wants to learn what it takes to get on bigger ways, teams, or anything else you want to do in skydiving…

These camps are for you. 🙂

No matter how sucky you might think you are, we’ll prove you got mad skills in you! 😉

No matter how new you are, we’ll get everyone involved, learning, and having a blast! We’d love to have you join us. 🙂



*Must be able to safely fly in a 3-way skydive either head-up or head-down

*The freefly camp costs more because there are fewer slots to cover the same costs

*Fewer peeps in the camp means more personal attention, a big value



*Registration includes all ground coaching, jump prep, video on any jump Mel is on, video debrief with the group, and video debrief of any additional footage available from the day. All you have to do is buy your own tickets!

**Coaching with Mel for a day would normally cost $400, this is an awesome opportunity for a full day of coaching shared with friends for super cheap! 😀

  • Meet at scheduled time on camp day!
  • Buy your jump tickets for the day!
  • Plan on making 5 jumps with the camp, or however many you want. Sit in on as much of the coaching and debriefing as you like even if you don’t make all the jumps of the day.

Read all the details of what you’ll get from the camp below!
Any questions, please just drop me a line!

Otherwise, just sign up below and we’ll see you there!

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  • Everything you need to know about basic flying, formations, and fun!
  • 2-ways, 3-ways, and 4-ways for optimal learning
  • Bigger-ways if the group is capable
  • Effective neutral body position
  • Fall rate control (up/down)
  • Forward/back
  • Side slides
  • Turns
  • Basic exits
  • All positions in those basic exits
  • Basic formations
  • Grip planning
  • Docking and presentation
  • Approach
  • Flips
  • FUN!!!!!! 😀

On top of all this, you’ll be set up for fun and fun jumps outside of the camps by:

  • Learning a bunch of simple dive flows to build on as we learn and progress over the course of this year… (all camp dates listed below, feel free to sign up for all now!)
  • Meeting a bunch of new people at your level to jump with outside of the camps…
  • Getting involved in our local crew, and growing your skills to be a part of all the other events happening at the drop zone! 😀

Awesomeness, fo sho!

Fully includes:

  • Coaching all day long with Mel!
  • Video debriefs with the full group so we all can learn from each other’s jumps
  • Coached dive prep for all groups, every jump
  • Coached debrief for all groups, every jump
  • Take home any videos from the day that you want… transfer from our SD cards, or I’ll dropbox them after! 🙂

If you want to join in at Skydive Carolina, pay your registration for the dates you want below and see you at the DZ!

Checkout with your cart at the top right of this page!

** $10 service fee applied to any registration refund. **