Energy Evaluation

The Energy Evaluation measures and reflects how happy you currently are, and how likely you are to ever feel happier if nothing changes.


“Figuring out why we react the ways we do, gives us powerful insight into ourselves. With that insight and awareness, we literally can design our lives, design ourselves.. we can choose how we want to engage with others, in our love relationships, at work, with ourselves, and with the world.  With that consciousness, everything is possible.”

~Melanie Curtis, Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner


Every Energy Evaluation Includes:

  • The Energy Leadership Index* assessment which shows your E-Factor. Higher E-Factors are associated with less stress and more satisfaction.
  • Coaching Debrief with Melanie Curtis, certified ELI Master Practitioner. One 1-1.5-hour call.
  • Your specific results emailed to you directly and used during your debrief.
  • Education on energy and consciousness, and how this new information specifically applies to you, your life, and the changes you want to make.
  • How you can use this tool to access the Five Absolutes in life: Aliveness, Alignment, Awareness, Awesomeness, and Action.
  • Energetic Self-Perception Chart.
  • Understanding where you are energetically RIGHT NOW in your life and why.
  • Leaps in consciousness and motivation from one call.
  • New inspired goals based on what we uncover during your debrief. Energy surge!
  • Your unique path to your unique happiness.


Once we have this tool to understand the things we feel and do every single day, our awareness opens. With awareness comes consciousness— and an empowered ability to consciously choose our lives. Keep what we want, change what we don’t. With the consistent support and accountability of an experienced coach, step-by-step we will transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.


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“Figure out how you tick underneath it all. Then use it to be the exact you you want to be in all situations and relationships.”

~ Melanie Curtis, Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

* The Energy Leadership Index assessment is an online assessment developed by Bruce D. Schneider, Founder of iPec Coaching.