50 Awesome Things

My last column in Blue Skies Magazine was about a simple exercise of writing down a list of 50 awesome things about skydiving. The thing though, is that we can use this exercise in any area of life, and in doing so actually entirely shift our life experience………

What are 50 awesome things about life?

What are 50 awesome things about your job?

What are 50 awesome things about your relationship?

What are 50 awesome things about being single?

What are 50 awesome things about your family?

You get the picture… This page is meant to be a place where we all can share our lists and get actual practice on seeing all the awesomeness around us… in everything.

Whether you’ve got only 5 or the full 50, share in the comments below what area of life you’re focusing on, and then share your list. My intention for you is that in sharing here and in inspiring this practice, you will start to experience that shift in perspective, and start truly experiencing your life as full of awesome things. Awesome is what you will see, and as such, awesome is how you will feel.

If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is! hahaa
Thank you for sharing!!

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