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Cashmere Mafia. It’s like Sex and The City: The Other Girls. Powerful women in powerful jobs, totally up my alley. I really love watching shows about New York City. I love New York City. New York was the only place I considered moving after college. ”Live in New York” was one of those non-negotiables for me on the life list. $2070 for a 432 square-foot apartment I shared, every day to the office in the subway in a suit for an entry level salary in one of the most expensive environments in the world… and I have nothing but love for that place.

Why? Because New York for me is representative of that time in life when we strike out on our own, have no clue what we’re gonna do or who we’re gonna be, we’re scared shitless beneath the surface, but go for it because we’re fueled by the fire of getting to be ourselves for the first time in our professional lives. What I’m slowing realizing… is that this euphoric, shit-scared, fully liberated wave of deciding what we’re gonna do and who we’re gonna be, happens over and over for us. I once read that most people have around 7 careers in their lives. Not jobs, but careers. In terms of work, I can see I’m embarking on my third at 33. First banking in New York City, second skydiving in Southern California, third life and communication coaching with anyone or any company in the world.

Pretty exciting. Feel like this wave needs a new power suit. Maybe I’ll go shopping. hehehe 😉

What career are you on? How do you feel about it? Is it time to go to the next one? If not, awesome, keep enjoying your passion… if so, what’s the next one gonna be and how you gonna do it? Email me and we’ll talk.

Cashmere Mafia power women. I like ‘em.

Last trip to New York, had to stop by my old building.. 277 Park Avenue. Think I’ll always feel cool inside knowing I worked on Park Avenue… and who knows, maybe I will again……… 😉

**Post edited 8/5/14… 3 years later…

You are awesome

Still life coaching and LOVING it… helping people connect to, and wield, their own awesomeness… creating their own unique version of the dream.

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~Melanie Curtis, CPC, ELI-MP

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”Live in New York” was one of those non-negotiables for me on the life list.

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Melanie Curtis is a life coach, writer, speaker, world traveler, art lover, movie-maker, professional skydiver, devoted family member, fierce friend, and Founder and CEO of and Highcomms LLC. Melanie goes huge in all aspects of her life, living her version of “the dream,” and helps other people live theirs too through coaching, education, transformative conversations, and no-nonsense accountability.

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